HPA provides fully-managed robotic process automation services; documenting, building, deploying, and maintaining
our clients’ automation initiatives on their behalf. With our unique service model and outcome-based pricing, organizations can accelerate
the time to value of process automation at a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional RPA.

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Regardless of industry, every organization shares one commonality–the need to maximize operational efficiency and control costs. Our deep expertise and unique service model eliminates the risk and barriers associated with traditional RPA adoption so that organizations can realize the benefits of process automation with expediency.

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24/7 Scalability

Unlike human labor, HPA’s robots are flexible, scalable, and consistent. There are no sick days or vacations here. Our robust digital workforce is always on, ready to respond instantly to process request, regardless of volume fluctuations or seasonality.

Consistent Outcomes

HPA’s virtual, robotic workforce can automate any process that does not require intuition or “gut feeling.” Our robots deliver successful outcomes to specification, allowing your staff to focus on processes that bring greater value to your business and customers.

Predictable Pricing

There are no hidden licensing or per-bot fees. You work with our automation specialists to define what a successful transaction looks like and we bill you monthly for the successes our robots deliver.

RPA in mortgage lending

Mortgage Lending

Our unique service-based approach to automation allows mortgage lenders to mitigate risk, control operational expenses, and delivery an optimal experience to their customers. See how you can increase margins with HPA.

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Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare


Our deep expertise in healthcare automation helps payers and providers reduce time-consuming operational tasks, improve administrative efficiency, and ensure accurate data management across the technology solution set.

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Robotic Process Automation for Insurance Companies


From property and casualty to life and annuity, insurers face the difficult challenge of maintaining growth and profitability amidst growing regulations and an intensified competitive landscape. Deliver more value to policyholders.

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