HPA, A Cognizant Company

Who we are.

HPA is changing the way enterprises automate with RPA, delivered as a service. Our skilled automation specialists guide the process, orchestrating our digital workforce to complete your most repetitive business processes with speed and precision. No complicated licensing requirements, lengthy training classes, or hidden fees. HPA delivers instant scalability and reliable outcomes at a predictable, transparent price.

Document & Validate

Our automation specialists interview your team to get a solid understanding of your biggest pain points and guide them through the process of selecting and prioritizing processes to be automated. From there, we document each step that a human would take within your business applications to complete the task and validate the entire process with your team.

Develop & Test

Once validated, the process is handed off to our highly-skilled developers to be built. Each process goes through several rounds of rigorous testing, ensuring that our digital workforce is delivering the results you expect to see.

Deploy & Scale

Once a process has successfully completed testing, client sign-off is gathered and the process is deployed to your cloud or virtual machine on-premises. Once a process is deployed your new digital employees get right to work, processing any volume of tasks you throw their way.

Maintain & Govern

To ensure that everything is running smoothly, our support team, with the help of our global manager, aka the "boss bot", monitors each process and handles exceptions, should they occur. At the end of every day, you receive an outcomes report to keep an eye on what your virtual team did that day.