Combat Margin Compression
with Process Automation

The mortgage industry faces a variety of challenges today. Mortgage rates and production costs are both on the rise. Market share is increasingly fragmented. Borrower expectations are evolving. The changing landscape has lenders looking for new ways to sustain profitable growth and create market advantage. HPA can help you achieve that with a highly-skilled robotic workforce that processes repetitive tasks across the systems you use every day, such as Encompass® by Ellie Mae ®, Mortgage Cadence, Finastra, Optimal Blue®, LoanSphere®, LendingQB®, Fiserv® and proprietary applications.

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Improve Borrower Experience

Manual processes and poorly-integrated mortgage technology result in longer turn-around times and a poor borrower experience. With RPA services, lenders can process loans 24/7 and dramatically reduce cycle time.

Simplify Operations

Leverage RPA to eliminate the friction caused by manual processes and deliver the flexibility to scale up or down while controlling operational costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Be prepared for market changes. Eliminate unnecessary overhead, reduce the risk created by human labor, and quickly adapt to regulatory changes with scalable digital workforce solutions.

Testimonial: Wyndham Capital Mortgage

Learn how Wyndham Capital Mortgage leveraged HPA’s robotic process automation services to eliminate the friction from origination processes and deliver the flexibility to scale up or down with limited-to-no operational impacts. Results include over 94% labor savings, a savings of $170 per closed loan, and increased consumer confidence with an on-time loan guarantee to their borrowers.

Automating in Encompass

Considered the preferred technology choice, it is undeniable that Encompass is a powerful tool for mortgage companies. As with any robust tool, there is a significant investment of time for employees to learn to use it with great efficiency. This is where HPA comes in. We can build an automation layer over Encompass to eliminate time-intensive or repetitive tasks so your employees can focus on delivering more value to your business and your customers.

HPA has deep expertise automating mortgage technologies. As a certified partner of Ellie Mae®, we are committed to supporting their mission to accelerate lenders’ operational productivity and innovation, reduce lenders’ security and risk management, and streamline overall user experience to achieve a true digital mortgage.

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