HPA, A Cognizant Company

Who we are.

At HPA, we believe robotic process automation (RPA) should be accessible for every company. Our unique, fully-managed RPA service model provides an accelerated path to automating painful business processes while also minimizing risk and controlling costs.

There are many unforeseen barriers and hidden costs in developing and maintaining your automation initiative. From hiring and retaining experienced RPA staff to change management and governance, a mature automation program requires a significant investment of resources and support for the life of the program.

With HPA, the documentation, development, deployment, and daily monitoring of your robotic workforce is handled by our team from start to finish. No complicated licensing requirements, lengthy training classes, or hidden fees. We deliver instant scalability and reliable outcomes at a predictable, transparent price.

Document & Validate

Our automation specialists interview your team to get a solid understanding of your biggest pain points and guide you through the process of selecting and prioritizing processes to be automated. With every process selected for automation, we walk through it with your SME and document each step they take to complete the process within Capture, HPA's proprietary process documentation technology. The resulting robot requirements documentation is audited and approved with test data to ensure all steps of the process have been included.

Configure & Test

Once the robot requirements documentation is validated, it is handed off to our highly-skilled automation engineers to be configured into a robot. Once configuration is complete, the robot goes through several rounds of rigorous testing, ensuring that all steps are properly executed and delivering the results you expect to see.

Deploy & Monitor

Once robot has successfully passed testing, client approval is gathered and the robot is deployed to your live environment. Your new digital employees get right to work processing tasks with speed and precision, under the watchful eyes of the Robotic Command Center and our Automation Operations team. At the end of every day, you receive an outcomes report that outlines what the robots did that day.

Maintain & Govern

Maintenance is a key component of a successful automation initiative. Over time, your business processes and the applications they utilize change as your business needs evolve. As such, we handle the change management of your digital workforce to guarantee continued delivery of successful outcomes.