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From regulatory changes to resources management, businesses today are looking for effective ways to maximize resources while still meeting objectives. Robots-as-a-service allows businesses to adapt to new demands with a level of flexibility and operational predictability that is difficult to achieve with a human workforce alone. Our unique RPA as a Service model offers organizations a simple, affordable path to automating manual, repetitive business processes so you can achieve operational efficiency and redirect your workforce to tasks that deliver more value to your business.

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24/7 Scalability

Unlike human labor, HPA’s robots are flexible, scalable, and consistent. There are no sick days or vacations here. Our robust digital workforce is always on, ready to respond instantly to process request, regardless of volume fluctuations or seasonality.

Consistent Outcomes

HPA’s virtual, robotic workforce can automate any process that does not require intuition or “gut feeling.” Our robots deliver successful outcomes to specification, allowing your staff to focus on processes that bring greater value to your business and customers.

Predictable Pricing

There are no hidden licensing or per-bot fees. You work with our automation specialists to define what a successful transaction looks like and we bill you monthly for the successes our robots deliver.

93% of organizations say they are not fully prepared to handle the issues arising out of their automation journey.Forrester

Building a Workforce of the Future

Wyndham Capital Mortgage wanted to develop the capability to swiftly scale its loan origination business during times of favorable consumer interest rates. Its goal was to increase loan origination volume by three times or more—without similarly increasing its operations costs. See how HPA helped them reduce loan cycle time and per-loan processing costs, as well as increase origination volume without additional overhead.

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Efficiency and Accuracy with RaaS

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee was faced with having to adjust more than 100,000 claims in less than 60 days – requiring unique adjustment processing rules across multiple processing platforms. To meet their deadline, the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Business Operations
team was faced with onboarding new personnel, borrowing existing resources from other divisions or having existing staff work overtime—with no certainty that they could ramp-up in time to meet the goal.

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BCBS of Tennessee Case Study
“The HPA solution provides a strong implementation methodology and application that delivers results.”Head of Shared Services, Large Health Care Payer Organization

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